The construction of the world's largest mining farm in Russia with the use of the modern technologiesin the area of cryptocurrency mining.

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The CRYPTOFARM project is the construction of the world's largest mining farm in Russia with the use of the modern technologiesin the area of cryptocurrency mining. The territorial location of the farm is the Irkutsk Region. In Irkutsk, the lowest electricity tariff in Russia is 0,017 US dollars (1,7 cents), in Moscow, for example - 8,2 cents KW/h, in Germany - 36,5 cents, in the USA - 12,5 cents, In China – 9,1 cents. Suitable climatic conditions, coupled with very low cost of electricity, will make the CRYPTOFARM project very profitable and cost-effective.


August 22, 2017 PreICO CRYPTOFARM will start, for analyze the interest of investors and miners in this project, collection funds for marketing, project advertising and ICO. PreICO would last for 30 calendar days. A month after the end of the PreICO, it is planned to launch the ICO. Within a month, a full description, characteristics of the CRYPTOFARM project will be compiled and technical documentation developed.


A total of 500 million CRF tokens will be produced. At the PreICO phase, CRF tokens will be offered at a price of $ 0.5. When purchasing CRF tokens for at least 4 ethers or 2 bitcoins, 50% of tokens will be credited with a bonus. In total, at the PreICO phase, it is planned to sell 5 million tokens. When carrying out ICO, CRF tokens will be offered at a price of 1$. Investors will be offered two options for using CRF tokens: 1. Use of the capacity facilities of the mining farm for own mining. 2. Investment. 50% of the extracted cryptocurrency will go to pay dividends. 30% - to increase the capacity of the farm. 15% - for maintenance of the farm. 5% - to pay for maintenance staff.

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Information about CRF Coin

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  • Price: 1 Eth = 669 CRF Token
  • Sold: 6472/5,000,000 CRF



Below are our goals and stages of project implementation

June 2017

Prepare the room for the farm. Running your own miners.


PreICO, preparations for the ICO Cryptofarm to raise funds to increase the capacity of the farm.


Holding ICO Cryptofarm.

1 November

The output of the CRF for token exchange. The order of the miners.


Supply of miners. Setup, run miners in the work. Applications for the connection, and the connection of investors who wished to engage in mining on their own.


The beginning of dividend payments to investors.

Capacity of the farm not will be leased to third parties. All total computing power farms Cryptofarm will be divided by the number of tokens sold to the CRF. The investor will be entitled to elect to receive income to dividends alone mine cryptocurrency, exchanging tokens on the computational power of miners Cryptofarm or sell tokens on the exchange.

At the moment of five years with an option to renew the leased space of 1,500 square meters and put into operation 940 private miners.


1. Tell briefly about the project: its essence, why they decided to implement this project?

We have long engaged in mining at home. And gradually we have expanded the farm. At some point, we realized that our further growth is not profitable, as we need a whole staffing level of maintenance personnel, a service center for operational maintenance of farms and premises that meet the requirements of mining. This requires large resources to unite all this. It will not be profitable for equipment suppliers to open a service center to service 1000 miners. And if there will be a million? An important role is played by the choice of premises for installing a large number of miners. The growth of the rate and demand for cryptocurrencies, as well as modern equipment for mining make the mining of cryptocurrencies very profitable.

2. Why Irkutsk region?

In the Irkutsk region, the lowest tariff for electricity is 0,017 US dollars (1,7 cents) per 1 kw/h, plus climatic conditions make this region the most optimal and profitable for the location of the farm.

3. At what price will the tokens be sold and how much money do you want to attract?

The price of one token (CRF) is one US dollar. In the PreICO phase, the tokens will be sold at a price of 50 cents. When buying tokens in the amount of 4 etherium or 2 bitcoins, investors will receive another 50% of tokens with a bonus. When carrying out ICO, the price of the token will be 1 US dollars. There is no maximum amount. The room is very large and can accommodate any number of miners. Electric power supply for 50 MW/h has also been implemented, with the possibility of increasing power. But we plan to attract at least 100 million dollars. We hope that CRYPTOFARM will be popular.

4. What equipment will beused for mining?

It's a secret, a commercial secret. But we can assure that the miners will be the most modern and modified to increase the service life. But, at the request of the miners, it is possible installation equipment on order.

5. What kind of crypto currency are you going to mining?

The main currencies are Bitcoin, etherium, bitcoin cash. In the process of working we will consider other crypto-currencies, altcoins.

6. Why do you spend PreICO?

We do not know would be investors interested in the CRYPTOFARM project. PreICO will help us understand investor interest. And advertising, creating an ICO presentation costs a lot of money. Now we are investing in a premise for a farm, modernization.

7. That is, the project CRYPTOFERM will be launched in any case?

Yes. The question is only the scope. Would be desirable to launch the largest mining farm in the world. Our Chinese partners are interested in the project, but everything is still at the stage of negotiations.


Alexander Zabrodov
Headmaster. Russia

Vladimir Shchurin
Technical specialist,
miner. Russia

Dmitry Matskevich
Technical specialist,
miner. Russia

Sergey Smirnov
An engineer. Russia

Wang Chen
Specialist for mining equipment. Chine

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